Colours and gestures


Colours, memories, associations, several flashes: Yellow: sun, dawn, brightness, awakening, strength, dynamism Orange: happiness, movement, cheerfulness Red: blood, glow, spirit, challenge, anger Blue: sky, sea, icy glacier, life Green: field, forest, leaves, trees, tranquillity, peace Brown: hills, tiredness, old age, death The objects are dressed up – everything has its own clothes. This is how we see and live the colours of our life. They accompany us from birth to death. They make our life and weekdays live and make our sadness hurt. Fallow and pale; glow and bright, so many vibrations so much light. Colours are not the common characteristics of objects but they are independent elements which are servants of expression, serve the painter and astonish the viewer.


Words are spoken connections between people, gestures are unspoken links. They are means to express people’s attitude. They say more than words, they are mirrors of our feelings and senses. Words and gestures – siblings; body language, motions and gestures can say something and words can say something different. Gestures come together with words, express real feelings, behaviour. They live with us, show us, sometimes with strong feelings, other time with restrained motions. Movements of arms, legs, head and body – they are like words, sincere and expressive, genuine and often uncontrollable. Open book which reveals reality.


In my art all the figures live: live in colours and gestures. Every gesture is the projection of human feelings. Abstract expression of figures and the world around us reduced to geometrical forms in gestures. Colours and gestures are temporary states. It is such a world of ideas which is formed in colours and forms. Explains, makes us think and calls upon.